We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming event, the “Lunar New Year’s Market,” set to take place on January 20th and 21st. This isn’t just a food event; it’s a vibrant celebration of Asian culture, culminating in the Lunar New Year. Our focus has always been on delivering an authentic and diverse culinary experience, showcasing the best of Asian food vendors.

But there’s more to our event than just food. We’re excited to immerse our guests in the rich tapestry of Asian culture through live cultural music and dance performances. These performances are carefully curated to represent the diversity and vibrancy of Asian traditions. We believe that food, music, and dance are interconnected, offering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the cultures we’re celebrating.

Our guests can expect to be enthralled by traditional dances that tell stories of heritage and folklore, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of cultural music. The atmosphere will be electric, filled with the sounds and rhythms that have been passed down through generations.

This Lunar New Year’s Market is a labor of love, a celebration of unity, and a tribute to the rich cultural heritage that we share with our community. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to join us in this special celebration.